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02 Jul 2015

I have held a variety of of marketing leadership roles during my career and therefore I am very comfortable speaking about marketing strategies.. I have launched prototype products, started new acquisition models to reach and convert large quantities of new customers, and created completely new market segments within the technology industry. My point is I usually get things rather quickly, but have to confess to you Twitter actually threw me for a loop for quite a while. The following information contains some of my tips and tricks for utilizing Twitter to your customers and hopefully get some new ones.

First, you can begin customizing your Twitter by posting pictures or videos that will serve to be a little more interactive for users and fans. You could also customize your tabs as opposed to the regular ones like photos, info, links, etc. Building your fans is important – it is like nutritious eating, you want to feed your potential clients the best food (content) possible because these fans who see your page could come to be future clients or customers to a product or service you are selling.

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One of the next things you need to do that makes twitter for business help your company is to engage with your community. Respond to tweets that your fans leave and try to ask or create open ended questions or statements. This can have a ripple effect and you may entice other fans and potential customers to join the online conversation as well.

If you are using Twitter as the only promotional tool, you are missing large venues of potential customers. Instead, you will want to add other social mediums to your online marketing strategy. You want to be visible in as many places as possible on the Internet. If you were offered unlimited free real estate for your office building would you turn it down? Of course not! Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest are all great individual communities that can be tapped in to for potential customers and fans. Combining all of the social mediums together properly can give you huge benefits for your internet marketing campaign.


Don’t forget to log on. Doing a couple of Tweets and then quitting will never lead to a strong presence in social media. You need to be proactive and stay involved with your customer base. Imagine each Tweet as an opportunity with no risk or downside. Those are opportunities you can’t afford to say no to. Now go create that Twitter account and get some pictures and comments up about what your business is and why people need to buy your products!






The Internet is revolutionizing the way businesses earn money every day. Going Viral online is the equivalent of being able to place a TV ad on 1 channel when that is the only channel. Going Viral Blueprints is the way you can take your business to the top level. Your business isn’t perfect now, but your website can be.



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